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Symmetry Surgical Debuts Symmetry® Sharp Kerrison In Limited Release
The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is a first-of-its-kind, patented Kerrison that provides a new tip every time. With 12 possible handle and tip configurations, the Sharp Kerrison adds a new layer of customization to our extensive kerrison portfolio. Note: This is a limited release – please talk wtih your Symmetry Surgical Instrument Specialist for availability.  Read More.

Single-use Tip

Thin Footplate

Reusable Handle

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John R. Bookwalter, M.D., FACS | Surgeon Inventor

Dr. Bookwalter is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. The New England Vascular Society, and The New England Surgical Society. Widely recognized as an innovator in the field of modern surgery, Dr. Bookwalter is best known for inventing the BOOKWALTER® Retractor, the most commonly used table-fixed surgical retractor in use today.

"Throughout my 30 plus year collaboration, I have exclusively supported the Symmetry Surgical BOOKWALTER® Retractor System"
- John Bookwalter, MD